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6-10-04 Happy Scale Builder!:  I have been building Model Aircraft for many years and usually build from plans, this time I tried Lazer Lizard to cut my short kit for me. I am convinced that this is the way to go. I will not cut another kit, Lazer Lizard cut the kit accurately and all materials used were of good quality and appropriate for the piece being cut. Lazer lizard has another devoted fan.
Paul Ansell
Modeler for 40+ years


2-07-04  Happy Jet customer:  

For the art of scratch building and kit production alike, you just can not beat Laserlizard! In my opinion, Laserlizard brings scratch building to a new level, plus they make it fun and cost effective. My personal gratitude goes to Jesse for his very kind, patient, and personable attention. My experience with Laserlizard was some of the best customer service I have received in awhile, thank you.
Bill G.

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Gary Clark's Sceptre kit that Laser Lizard cut! Click on thumbnails to enlarge pictures.



12-25-03- The Sceptre's are ready for orders!  Contact me and I will get you in touch with Gary and We can get you the kit and plans!
 This particular model is powered by a Ryobi leaf blower engine from Wal-Mart!!
 Built with expert precision by Terry Gulczynski, one of our premier local builder/fliers!!
 Today's test flights in less than perfect weather showed us a near perfect airplane!!!
Aerobats Unlimited



Above are a couple of pictures of what I've gotten done in about 2 evenings of work...Your laser cutting is some of the best I've ever seen, and I've been a kit builder for over 25 years!! The work we have had done locally was 25% more expensive than yours and they didn't want to deal with our little projects. After our earlier conversations, you are the one we want to be dealing with and you will get our exclusive business in the future!!

- Gary Clark , FL. " Aerobats Unlimited "

Great Comment from Nick Longworth... a repeat customer:

Hey Jesse, the Butcher Bird has landed..... (in parts anyway).
This thing looks incredible! You are guaranteed a life-time customer. 
I was sold after picking up only
one piece. First rate quality.  Anyway, I was going
through the other kit tonight ( p47), and I said to myself: "ah ha! I busted him! No,
wait, no I didn't"
I thought you had forgotten to cut out the razor section, and you had
included parts for either! Now that is attention to detail!!!!

Thanks again,

Nick Longworth
Pickerington Ohio


Hi Jesse,
 I received the Dauntless kit and was very pleased with your
 work and packaging. I have told several modelers
 of the quality and outstanding price. As I need kits,
I know where I will purchase them from now on.

 Thanks & keep supporting our hobby,

 Rick Jacobs

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       I have been pleased with the several kits I have gotten from you. It is nice to see a kit cutter that doesn't charge high prices for setup fees and is willing to do 1 offs. I will continue to do business with you and encourage everyone to give you a try. Your prices are the most reasonable out there.

Joe Huntley
Moline, IL http://home.mchsi.com/~jahuntley/

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Dennis King's profile " BAT ".  Laser Lizard cut the prototype for him.

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Above are the pictures of Martin's new Beaver design!  See his kit prices on the short kits page.  Laser Lizard cut this for Martin a couple of weeks ago!  

A Ziroli Stuka customer!

Received the kit today! All I can say is WOW!.  The cutting is superb ( man that's allot of parts)  They're even marked!  I will definitely post my progress on RCU as soon as I clear my bench and finish up my P40.
Thanks, Marcel

        What can I say, The best cut kit I have ever seen! When I got the plans for the Tu-95 "Bear" I thought it would take me three months to hand cut all the parts, Then I found you, thanks to Joe Huntley, and still thought it would take months to get back and a price that would be out of this world. But when you told me the price and said you would have it at my door in two weeks it was a Great deal, and that is just what I got a great kit in a great time at a great price. I am telling everyone I know and people I don't to get there kits cut from you. I will continue to do business with you as long as you keep cutting GREAT kits.

Thank you,
Charlie "Bear Builder" Lindler
Jax., FL.


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